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EIOC Capabilities

The Electricity Infrastructure Operations Center (EIOC) at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory serves as a unique platform for researching, developing and deploying technologies to better manage and control the grid. It’s a national asset that brings together industry-leading software, cutting edge visualization, real-time grid data and advanced computation into a fully capable control room. Shaped with input from utilities, technology vendors and researchers across the nation, the EIOC allows industry groups and power sector professionals to train grid operators and do contingency analysis.

The EIOC is complete with the following resources for research; developing, assessing or testing technologies; and training:

  • Physical and cyber security for equipment, information, personnel and data
  • Confidentiality of sensitive power systems information and data
  • Leading energy management system software, donated by Alstom Grid
  • Access to real data from North America's eastern and western power grids (note that data confidentiality requirements prohibit its release in most cases, although it can be leveraged for the development of new grid technologies)
  • Access to ESnet 100Gbs ultra-fast computer network, spanning the United States and beyond
  • Industry Standard virtualization infrastructure
  • More than 50 servers and 30 workstations and 25 special-purpose computers
  • 115-square-foot video screen in the EIOC West room
  • 452-square-foot video screen in the EIOC East room
  • Video and audio capture/recording of room and operations
  • Separate instructor room for training exercises
  • Access to shared memory high-performance computers
  • Power system communications research equipment and capabilities, including those aimed at expanded capability, reliability, security and confidentiality for
    • SCADA systems
    • synchrophasor data and processing
    • ICCP communications
    • DNP3.0, IEC 60870.5, Modbus and other serial protocols
  • Market software and integration tools (including simulation, analysis and modeling)
  • Market rate analysis for complex and innovative market structures
  • Market/price-based control of power system supply and demand
  • Power grid planning tools and capabilities, including complex dynamic analyses and custom dynamic models
  • Building modeling and simulations
  • End-use load modeling for demand response and peak load shaving and distributed load control, and dynamic response
  • Power electronics development for distributed load controls
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) integration and smart-charging research, analysis and demonstration
  • Analyses and solutions to integrate renewable resources into the electric power grid
  • Smart grid technology integration
  • Operator training: training both remote and on-site
  • IBM NETEZZA pure data base appliance
  • Inexpensive, reliable and secure backup control center capabilities for small-to-medium-size utilities per FERC EOP-008-0

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